Select Bullseye Bookmarklet

19 Aug 2013

A few weeks ago, Brett Terpstra created a Javascript bookmarklet to target a portion of a webpage and convert it to markdown. I have wanted something like Bullseye to “make a selection” of the relevant text from an article (with one click) so I could then have the built in OS X Text to Speech speak it back to me.

I used Brett’s script as the foundation for finding the relevant element and just handed it off to some Javascript I have been holding on to from StackOverflow to make the selection.

Old Workflow

  1. Click and drag the mouse (or select at beginning, hold shift, and select at end) to make the relevant selection
  2. Hit Cmd-C-Opt-? - which I have tied to “Speak selected text” in System Preferences

New Workflow (although more steps it is infinitely easier)

  1. Hit bookmarklet (or run from Chrome’s omnibar)
  2. Click on article
  3. Hit Cmd-C-Opt-?

Here is the link to the Select Bullseye Gist if you also find this useful.