Show Up

28 Mar 2016

I have really been enjoying following many who are on a journey of daily production of something that is at the core of their expertise.

It started with John Saddington starting a daily vlog on January 1. His effort only lasted ten days, but it inspired me. More recently I have been enjoying WheezyWaiter and his whiteboard continuing to hone his craft and himself. Wheezy “copied” the style of Casey Neistat, who I just found as well.

I have been busy working on a number of really fun projects that just three months ago were never even on the radar, but I feel like the best way for me to keep growing and creating great things is by practicing on the core of my skills and producing something.

The most recent inspiration for this is Potatowire’s with the grain series and Manton Reece’s trips in his Nissan Leaf to coffee shops and libraries.

I am going to start writing and creating mini data visualizations, not necessarily daily, but regularly (to be defined later).

Thanks for inspiring, and hopefully I can create some cool stuff in the process.